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Top speed problem?

Hi, being the idiot that I am I recently bought an old luxury car - the e53 3.0 D. Looked good at first check but didnt properly inspect this and that so there were a few things.

Anyways the car is driveable in the city however yesterday when I took it for a spin on a highway I was shocked to see that I couldn't get it going faster than 120 kph (~80 mph) @6th gear the car would simply not go any faster and engine would not go over certain ammount of rpm (can't remember exact ammount, maybe ~3000) it would just stay at those revs and not go up. Could this be a simple case of clogged up fuel or air filter or am I looking at something far more sinister like a effed up transmission (it feels dodgy sometimes)? Any suggestions? I really like the car
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