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Angry Help! No crank no start! Repaired floor (welding)

Hey all. I finally got around to getting the holes in my drivers floor repaired.

1:disconnected negative terminal
2: removed drivers seat, 2 nuts, 2 bolts, one harness under the front.
3: lifted carpet, unhooked gas pedal, unhooked ground on the outer frame rail. Took out subwoofer in floor and moved harness out of the way
4: welded holes, sealed floor.
5: cleaned stud for ground, and copper plate on ground group. Installed and tightened nut.
6 installed speaker, carpets, seat, pedal amd all trim.
7: hooked up negative
8: all dash lights come on, depressed clutch and brake, turned key, nothing, not even a starter click.

Unhooked battery again, tried again, nothing.

Checked ground on frame rail, still tight... Wiggled it...

Battery is 2 months old, has over 12vdc.

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