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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
Almost always that is a problem with thermostat not closing complexly. Use hidden menu to read the engine core temp. If the engine runs around proper temp, then it's likely the heater core valves but since there are two it's not very likely both would fail.

Foxwell will report temp of the heater cores and state of the valves so if you can read those values, that's even better.

Next things would be if the vanes inside the AC ducts are stuck on outside air you won't get much heat.

The outside mix dial in the dash should give you a full range from hot to outside, so if the cables broke it can get stuck on outside air.

The non-gauge for temp on the dash is nearly useless it will not report anything useful for diagnostic testing other than a small hint of taking longer than normal to get to temp. If it hangs in the blue zone for any amount of time the thermostat is Misty likely the culprit
Just took a look again and found that the hose running from the bottom of the expansion tank to the firewall is cold, while all other heater hoses are warm. What does that signify?
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