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swapping out N62 in an X5

I have determined that the motor is bad in my '05 X5. Going to swap out the motor. I found a 4.4 in California with only 78,000 miles on it and am having it shipped here to Wisconsin. So I decided to walk out to the Out House and grab my Bentley manual (it now takes the place of the old Sears and Roebuck catalog) As I expected; it does not have any info about removing the N62 motor. It only discusses the M62. Now I'm guessing the procedure is similar; but since the motors are different I would think that there may be some differences worth mentioning. Bentley says that I need to remove exhaust, trans and front differential to get the motor out. This sounds Absurd to me ! Has anyone swapped out an N62 motor in an E53 X5 ? If so, can you give me any info on if this is true. Or if I can avoid all the extra work entailed in removing trans and diff. Also, is there going to be any extra emissions or smog stuff from the Cali motor that I have to deal with or remove ? thanx in advance
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