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Originally Posted by BigLion View Post
This may be shutting the door when the horse has already bolted (hope you want to keep to air suspension rather than coils) - something I found weird when I assumed I had an air leak;
While the car was sitting with ignition off, one side was deflating, so of course I assumed I would have to replace the bags AGAIN... but one time I left it with the suspension in 'off-road' position... it DIDN'T deflate!

So I figured I had a screwy control module, not a leaky system. I reset all the heights with INPA and all is good now, parked in either position. I will eventually get round to replacing the module, but there's a ton of spending to do on it first
The price of a new EHC2 module has actually gone down during the last year. It used to cost nearly 1000 but is now ~450.
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