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Originally Posted by EODguy View Post
As far as numbers go, epidemiologists say that the number of infected people are probably as much as 5x or 7x the number of confirmed cases. So if the number of infected is much higher then known cases means that the mortality rate is far, far below what is known. I say this with 100% confidence because many people may have the virus and have few if any symptoms, but nobody is dead without people noticing especially in the "percentages" we are told to expect.... Therefore with a mortality rate already below that of the average flu, people should relax a ton more.

As for the whole thing with China... The Chinese government has been pushing the blame for the virus on America through wiebo/propaganda as noted by many intelligence sources so you can bet you will see many forms of pushback, such as reiterating exactly where the virus started.

Now the part about "Chinese" folks getting beaten and other things etc...

1. These have all been the actions of individual racist dicks and not as was said (stirring up racism against) because that takes a group or a group's leadership i.e. kkk, cair, Trump, Pelosi, Schumer or so on saying find, assault, alienate or whatever to any "Chinese" looking folks and I have not seen or heard of any of that happening.

2. Chinese is NOT a race and with the exception of people like my wife, who is a Naturalized Citizen. People have no claim of hyphenated status unless anyone believes in making a statement based upon skin color? My wife doesn't even use the hyphenated descriptor because... "So people think I'm not truly part of them or that I'm only half the worth of others?"

About Trump (my opinion only) the economy, jobs, etc are the best they have been in many many years so I'm happy. His tweets are annoying but in some of the cases necessary due to the political machinations of competing parties that with the evidence out there have made their supposition as stated fact only to have it proven false later and never retracted, which makes Trump's comments necessary but mostly ill worded.

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So many glaring errors. But let's focus on the mortality rate. Average for regular flu death is 0.1%

Avg for Covid 19 has been shifting up. From 2.0% to 3.4% to as high as 7 percentage points.

So no, it's not just like a regular flu. It is much, much worse.
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