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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
Stay safe all.

I keep trying to convince my parents to stay the hell home and I'll deliver stuff to them because they aren't diligent about distancing and sanitizing.

I'm sure we are all wrestling with different dilemmas. I know I'm much more sensitive and short lately, much to the dismay of my kids. Normally I play with them a lot and of course now I am my daughter's formal teacher so things are changing for them in ways that make me question myself from time to time.

Sorry for rambling but we all need to be aware we're in this together regardless of political, religious, or other beliefs. Again, stay safe and protect your loved ones.
Please keep your parents aware Crystal! I want no elder to face what Iíve seen!

Keep your patients strong right now more than ever, donít let your babies get stressed. I know itís tough, but we will make it!

No one here is rambling, weíre all just concerned that we can make it though this!


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