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Locking with arming: The vehicle doors cannot be opened neither from the inside nor the outside.

”Locking with arming” is implemented when:

- Ignition lock is in position 0 and the vehicle key is removed
- The driver's or front passenger's door is opened after removing the key
- The driver's and front passenger's doors are closed
- The vehicle is locked via the door lock or remote control
The fuel filler flap is locked with the vehicle central arrest.
FYI, the literature on is written wrong. But you get the idea what's it's saying.

Here is some literature on the matter that might be related to you. I've experienced this issue when trying to get inside and outside of vehicles in the wrecking yard. What I had to do was manually apply 12 volts to these two wires (I can't remember which one) that actuated and released the locking mechanism. Then I was able to use the inside handle.

Sometimes these things do get "stuck." I'm sure other members on the forum have more experience on this than I have.
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