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I have a strong suspicion the lock isn't actually fixed yet.

The symptoms you mention describe perfectly a case of the double lock motor malfunctioning.

None of the external levers will release the secondary lock so it's more likely that enough attempts finally got it to release.

In the photo album above there is a video where I show how the double lock works (pic above is the snapshot for the video about half way through the album).

The control arm for the double lock is just barely accessible from the bottom of the door actuator and could be manipulated with the likes of a dental pick (bent large paper clip would also work). (Straighten It first then add a small hook at the end).

Watch the video carefully and see how I manipulate the double lock mechanism and anybody who has the double lock stuck problem can figure out where to poke and prod to get it open.

You can force the motor to run by locking the doors with the key fob while inside the car and then holding the central lock button. I think that may engage the unlock double lock motor for a longer time period than the standard unlock because it has gotten several people out of the stick door syndrome on xoutpost.
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