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God i hope its all the same harness.

Yeah its an 04, with half the miles. My current one has 204444 miles, the new (to me) one has 103k.

Its quite bare bones, 2.5, manual vinyl-ish seats, no storage, manual climate control, no auto lights or wipers. Ill miss all those!

But.... It has a heated steering wheel, so i got that going for me.

My plan is to park mine after i fix the power steering, 4x4 issues and brakes on the other one. It has no rust. So ill slowly move parts into it, fix my heated leather seats (the elements in the drivers seat are weak) and make that easy swap. The 2.5 is also all grey, ill do an easy trim swap of my light wood into it. I dont see an easy way to move over the auto lights, wipers or climate, but ok, whatever.

My 204k one has broken a/c, a clicking axle, clunking auspension and rust.

But they are the same grey, so its an awesome score.
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