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Need trouble shooting help

2013 X5M. About 2 months ago the check engine light came on. I checked for codes and cleared them. Did that a couple of times and they came back both times. Only symptom was rough idle on a cold start. Did that until it went into closed loop. Then the performance was normal, idle normal and no miss, no nothing to help find the core problem.

It's my wife's daily driver and she was buying whatever gas was cheapest---didn't know that, doesn't do that anymore. So I got some good gas with Techron in it and also added a bottle of Techron. I didn't expect that to help. Light came back on the next day. After burning about 3/4 of a tank I cleared the codes, the light stayed off until yesterday.

It was running much rougher than the previous times. I am in MO rather than home in Dallas so no tools or diagnostic equipment. I took it to an independent shop that works on BMWs to pull codes, same codes as before. They cleared the codes. They light came on again shortly after they started it up. They drove it and the light went out. Same as before. Since the light came back on when the engine was at operating temp it is not something that only happens on a cold start.

The codes are also the same as before.
2CA9--which is downstream cat and downstream O2 sensor heater 2 function
2D2E--which is throttle valve opening angle-intake pipe vacuum correlation
2F24--which is charge air/cooling system/reduced performance
P112F--This came up in a generic code reader but he couldn't locate a description. He tried going to another BMW forum and no one knew but a couple also wanted to know because they have the same code. Shop couldn't spend any more time and is booked up until end of next week.

What a would like to do is see if we can narrow it down to the core issue. The shop owner said he will try to fit me in if I can.

FYI- they didn't charge me anything for the hour and a half they tried to find the problem.

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