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M54 head gasket project

I am tearing down my 2001 M54 170K miles motor to change the head gasket.
It's pretty much as advertised so far. There are Youtube videos by a couple people including "That 50's kid" that are very helpful.
As anticipated, the plastic parts are pretty brittle after all these years and 170K miles of heat cycles. I am changing the timing chain guide parts and had a couple questions...

Do you have to drop the oil pan enough to get the timing chain cover off and in the process need to replace the oil pan gasket or can this be done without as much involvement?
I'm replacing the crank bolt and washer and crank seal.

With the 170K miles, it would seem reasonable to change at least the primary timing chain while I'm in there. Is that advisable?

Anything else I should be doing at this time?
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