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I did my 2001 M54B30 a couple of years ago. Sounds similar to yours, except I was also getting combustion leaking into the cooling system. 186k miles at the time, 194k now, running great.

No need to drop the oil pan just to change the chain guides, but you will need to drop it if you decide to replace the chain. I did not replace my chain, and don't see any reason to do so.

BTW, from what I've read, etc., the problems you're having in the middle cylinders there is fairly common and I would not expect there to be significant problems through the rest of the engine just because of that compression loss in 4+5. Could be a HG, but also maybe a warped or cracked head. So have the head inspected carefully. Easy to miss a problem there - even the 50sKid (you'll see - all covered in the videos) got his head all cleaned up, disassembled and off to machining, where they then found the crack.

I did a VANOS rebuild at the time. No problems before or since. I did not change the VANOS solenoids - not so hard to get to later if ever needed.

I replaced the crank seal but reused the bolt, washer, and pulley. I have a thread on here somewhere about the crank bolt removal.

Main advice is to not screw anything up. Really. You don't do a great job at this. You either do it without mistakes or you make a mistake and recover the best you can. Also planning to allow for patience will help you do it with less stress and more fun. That's what I did. So, a good work place, alternative transportation, etc.

Good luck.
2001 X5 3.0i, 190k miles, AT, owned since 2014
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