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Originally Posted by Effduration View Post
Done this a couple of times. I time-sert the block every time I take a
m54 head off as it is really easy for DiY’er with a torque wrench to strip
Threads when you put it all together.

Do the coolant pipes and oil filter housing, CCV and Intake gaskets While intake is off

On the x5 I install head with exhaust manifold bolted on, and I remove the washer tank for better access.. I use an engine hoist to lower it in..a 2nd set of hands helps..

Elring gasket
I agree on all this except I put the head and exhaust manifolds in separately.

Good point on the TimeSerts. That's exactly what I did too. From what I read / heard, the same heat that causes the head failure (e.g., heat related warping or HG failure) will cause the block to weaken, making it likely to have threads pull out upon reinstallation of the head.

Coolant pipes too. Don't make the mistake I did by using non-OE o-rings. It's buried kind of deep, and not something you want to get to again.

Timing tools are pretty much essential. I bought them on eBay for about $100 and sold them for almost that on Craigslist after getting it all done.

In my case, the HG was fine and the problem was a warped head. Depending on how much machining the head needs (how much comes off to make it a flat surface again), you may need a regular (0.7 mm) or thick (1.0 mm) HG, so you might need to wait for the machine work before buying the HG. I bought a full HG set but without the HG, and then bought the 0.7 mm HG later, separately. I believe Elring, Reinz, and BMW are the good choices for the set and for the head bolts.

For me, CCV had been done by the dealer prior to purchase, and I had done the OFHG shortly after buying, so those did not need anything on my car. But yes, they are all right there with easy access and on most cars, it would be a good opportunity to do it.

Similarly, engine mounts are right there too. But I did not touch mine. No problems.

Much of the cooling system comes out and would be easy to replace with new.

When I did mine, I took everything slowly so I could choose to fix things opportunistically if it made sense. So for example, I "rebuilt" the starter too. Made everthing more of a fun project and less of a chore.
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