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Originally Posted by AceEngineer View Post
Don't know where you got your info, but according to the online BMW TIS (Technical Information System) it calls for CF-11S for even the earliest E83's. ATF is not a suitable substitute.

Well let's stop right here. If you are convinced with what applies to "my" car then ok.
I now know if I can rely on your comments for the future...or not.

For those readers seeking a conclusion to the problem (and not negative discourse)

the pump simply can you tell?. drain the ATF (in this case) from the reservoir, shine light into reservoir, if you should see movement from the ATF (and you should) then pump is working...
No circulation?...pump is dead. Replacement is in order.
However, there are two versions sold make sure you order the correct version on the car. If not, you'll have to order and replace the existing pressure lines to fit the upgraded pump.

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