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Excellent instructions from Brian which saved me considerable time and effort, thank you Sir. I have previously changed two drivers door handle carrier mechanisms on my X5’s (2005 & 2006) which thankfully both failed “door open” condition so it was only necessary to follow the door card off and replace door handle carrier procedure, not a pleasant job but take your time and it can be done. Last week the front passenger door handle carrier mechanism on one of my X5’s failed but in “door shut” condition and I have to admit until I read the comprehensive instructions from Brian I was concerned it would necessitate sacrificing the door card to gain access to the internals but the wire tool and depth tape saved the day and after following the instructions to the letter the door was open and I breathed a sigh of relief. A few hours later all was back together and fully functional.I was just reading the post by Draztik and may have had the same problem, everything refitted and thought I would test before refitting the door card but the lock would not operate or allow me to close the door so I refitted the window switch mechanism to the wiring ( three plugs) without the door card and the door lock worked normally allowing me to refit everything . I presume the circuit for the door lock is routed through the window switch?Hope this helps.
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