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Originally Posted by SF2000x5 View Post
seems like #1 is the best and most cost effective option if you're going to DIY.

Yes. I would agree, if money were an issue, I would buy used and install. But if it's doable I would certainly want to have it rebuilt or replace it with a rebuilt. I'd be hard pressed to go through all that trouble of R&R if I wasn't sure it would last me another 100K miles.

Around here no one rebuilds them anymore. I've specifically asked.

They just order one from a rebuild shop. Whether it is a BMW Indy, BMW dealer or trans shop. For that reason I've wanted to consult with ZF, order the parts, and practice rebuilding my own. I've got a spare trans from an old 2003 325xi and a trans from 2001 X5 4.4 laying around that I was planning to do when I get time. But even then I'd have to worry about my trans rebuild skills, since I've never done it before. I am pretty OCD and have faith in my abilities. But it would be peace of mind nice to know someone experienced rebuilt it and to have a warranty behind it.
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