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So, let me just preface by saying that this week has been EXTREMELY high energy and chaotic I think I might just need to go find a dark deep cave to go hide in for a bit lol. Cut my toe open in a NAPA Auto Parts store yesterday because their whole store was somehow unaware of a deadly 90 degree bent metal floor seam in one of their aisles, and my foot had to find it. OUCH. Taking that as a sign and NEVER buying from NAPA again. Might sue even ... ANYWAY lol down to my serious issue at hand with my 2001 BMW X5 E53 4.4i.

I think my baby was on the verge of bursting into flames today.

Today's temps were high, almost 100 degrees F. After an almost 2 hour journey returning home from my parents, I stopped at the gas station to fill up. After I left the gas station I didn't turn my AC on, because i'd been running it most of the trip back, without issue, and wanted to give it a break and feel the wind in my hair for the quick 10 minutes i had left to get home. Well, about halfway their I said screw it, i'm hot, so i click the AC button to turn it on, and all of a sudden I get a nasty white smoke plastic chemical burning smell coming from my vents. I immediately turn the AC off and turn the fan speed off until the climate control completely shuts down on the display, but the blower motor STILL WAS RUNNING! I frantically pull over immediately and shut the car off, but the BLOWER MOTOR STILL SOUNDS LIKE ITS ON, but the car is totally shutdown at this point. I rush her home in the next 3 minutes, and disconnect my battery. The fan has stopped. SO WHATS THE ISSH HERE GUYS. I'm pretty sure if I left the system on I would have had a fire. I'm extremely concerned, and need pointed in the right direction for finding the culprit. I've seen NUMEROUS stories of these things just bursting into flame due to random electrical issues. I'm tryin not to flip out as well because HOLY moly does that burning smell HORRIBLE.

I have checked all the usual places that I can check. Fuses in the glove box were good, no burnt fuses or melted wires. I have not done any aftermarket wiring besides my android headunit stereo. This definitely seems like a failed motor or melted wiring somewhere in the HVAC motor or the AC system. The smell is ACRID horrible chemical melted plastic smell.
2001 BMW X5 4.4i

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