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4.8is Suspension Woes

Hello All!

So, I recently purchased a 4.8iS and been having issues related to the air ride suspension. I have attempted to run the codes and none returned. I press the button to adjust ride height and the height will not adjust up or down.

I can, however, run INPA and adjust the ride heights and the compressor will fire on to raise or lower the car. The compressor never turns on if I open the car or upon start up, and when I i adjust heights (via INPA) 3 out of the 4 sensors wont register a height, so when I adjust, all 4 corners will be at slightly different heights.

After about a week, I will have to use INPA again to re-adjust the height as all 4 corners drop.

Has anyone run into something like this? I am leaning towards it being the ride height sensors given the compressor never kicks on unless i manually do it through INPA. I dont think the bags have a leak (although could be possible) given that all 4 go down over the course of a week and the compressor never kicks on.

Any insight would be much appreciated!
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