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How to remove the EHC module?

Any luck coding out the error? Or coding out the module altogether? Is the module something you can physically pull out?

BMW Scanner 1.4.0 finds a module called "Electronic Height Control" but there are no coding options. Can only read and write the raw hex. There were a couple other related errors like in the anti-lock brakes about the failure of the height system.

Running the scanner finds the modules that are installed and doesn't find the ones not installed. Which makes me believe it's possible for this one NOT to be installed. So are we talking a software module or an actual thing that can be pulled out somewhere?

Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
Nothing yet. You have to code air suspension out of the vehicle order. I haven't done any real research yet as to how to do that but I'm guessing you need NCSexpert or some similar program. I don't think ISTA modifies the VO files. Hopefully someone with experience will chime in.

One option is this module from Suncore that tricks the computer in to thinking everything is fine. I goes in place of the old EHCII module.

But I think I'd prefer to edit the VO and just have the truck know to not look for the air ride.

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