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Originally Posted by Effduration View Post
Doing this project now. CN90 DIY is excellent...

I am cutting out rusted sections and replacing with Ni-Copp tubing.

I need to make good bubble flares on both Ni-Copp and the steel lines still in X5.

I tried a new, in-line bubble flaring tool - Cal-Van part# 155...for about $30...good idea, poor execution. It is small and is ideal for in-line work, but unfortunately it is not robust enough for making bubble flares in (non-stainless) steel. It won't grip the tubing with enough clamping force to withstand the bubble formation. I am returning it.

I ended up borrowing a mid-level MasterCool bubble flaring tool.

Haven't tested any connections yet..still working on it.
Also will use Cu-Ni tube stock, borrowing tools from a friend. For the lines that are still in good condition, i will apply a light coating of grease to help preserve them.

I was appalled by all the road crap that came out when the plastic cover was removed. You're located not far from me (CT) so you probably had the same.
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