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Originally Posted by UPGrayd View Post
... I was hoping getting my hands on one was not the only way to diagnose a fan issue...I was hoping someone with a more intimate understanding of the X's fan control systems would have a simple "oh yeah, just unplug this...or just bridge that, and the fan will run if its not shagged" instead of potentially waiting weeks just to be able to diagnose it, then weeks again for the correct part to arrive after figuring out what it needs...
If you see my post a few above, with the 1, 2, 3 tests I ran on mine, you should be able to definitely run 2 (AC on). If you can find a 100 Ohm resistor, you can do 1. Not 3, since that needs the Foxwell.

And I'll be even more direct than I was in my previous posts here ... Don't believe what you read or see on the intertubes on this. It IS more complex than most think.

If you've got a True RMS voltmeter, you can measure voltage on the control wire.

In my case, doing all the above and a few more allowed me to become fully convinced that the power and signal going to the fan all made sense, and were there. So with the fan not spinning, it only remains to swap in a new fan.

For a still unknown reason, my PA Soft BMW Scanner 1.4 did not run this time. I was going to try installing it from scratch on a different laptop, but at this point, I don't think it would tell me anything new.

And in defense of @upallnight, in exchange for the occasional rough comment like that, he has probably the highest batting average on here for tough problems. I'll take that over friendly wrong answers any day.

Good luck getting this solved.
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