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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
I think I might have been the first person in this thread to mention that this might be made in a lab. Way back on page one or two. The Wuhan lab was using the bat species in question.

I still wouldn't be surprised if it was. China took a TON of steps to cover up in the beginning and continue to do so. I have no problems with the articles posted, one is from CNN and the other is reporting on her Twitter account suspension and the report her and colleagues submitted. It even points out that others dispute the report as not submitting any proof and being anecdotal. So, it actually supports your position.

We aren't going to know anything for sure for possibly years. So I prefer discussions of all theories just to keep the info coming until conclusive proof has been found.
I respectfully disagree. That's like opening the floodgate to allow all kinds of bs into our daily lives.

Without proper investigation, we should try to limit the amount of bs that gets distributed throughout the vast and unsubstantiated information channel in this age of digital media outlets.

Social media apps like Facebook, Tweeter, Youtube, instagram, wechat, line, tiktok, etc, have all been under the influence of modern day politics and special interests.

You will never know what you see or hear from these outlets are real or not, because it is almost impossible to govern or authenticate any of the conspiracies/ stories.

I would stick with the big three news channels, NPR, and BBC World News, plus and minus information from some of the old timer investigative journalists.

Listening to a particular channel just because you like what the guy says is a recipe for getting fake news.

Because most of them pushes news according to their own agenda, not according to facts.
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