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I totaly agree with c-bass post about different countries and car ownerships in them because I came from one.
I came to US in 1996 as a 23 year old refugee from bloody Yugoslavian war (1991-1995).
Before war Yugoslavia was very stable and good Country to grew up in regardless of fact it was Socialist system.
My father owned 1973 VW Bug for 23 years and that was nothing unusual. Of course we also had the famous "Yugo" although I have to agree it's really big POS, lol.
Anyway, I worked hard and I'm doing well today but I am softened up now and older of course because 20+ years I would go in this project with gusto and now I'm whining how much effort it will take.
So again, my respect to you c-bass and I hope you inhale new life into old girl.
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