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Originally Posted by Tonyfeb14 View Post
Thanks guys. I will check out seals first. I have been using Mobil 1 0-40W for the past 100,000 miles and the inside of the engine is clean as a whistle. I also had changed valve cover gaskets when I did the valley pan last year. But if VSS are the problem, I MSU just drive it for a while before the next ride...maybe electric ��
Yeah, If I have to add 1 quart of cheap oil a month, Iíll deal with that until I decide next spring on either selling it or overhauling the engine myself.
Leaning towards selling, as Iíll continue looking for a 4.8is with 2-tone interior.

Speaking of Electric, just placed my reservation on a VW ID.4 electric RWD suv.
Test drive a Model 3 RWD last month, loved the acceleration but struggled to power slide it, so hope VW didnít add any of that traction control garbage, or at least gives the option to disengage it, like bmw had.
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