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Update... I spoke to a pretty knowlegable person at the Big Sert dealer, Mechanics Tools and Bits. He suggested it was a good idea to replace all 14 inserts which is my plan. He agreed that the test torquing idea was a good one. I plan on using a steel plate plus a spacer plus a washer or two and bolt through and torque to the first torque specification before the +90 +90. I could probably use an impact socket as the spacer or a drill bushing or other fairly precision part as the spacer. I may try using one of the original BMW had bolts for the torque test since I have a good selection of them available. He also said I should be able to drill out the regular Timeserts with a correct sized drill bit. I would be curious to know if anyone here has drilled out a regular timesert and what you used. I did see a Youtube video of someone who chuckd a round tapered file in a cordless drill and left handed it for a while and the timesert came out. I'd rather not do the file method but may use the drill jig from my 1090BS kit I bought. Thoughts?
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