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You want to install 14 Big-serts ? Okay...Remove the remaining, regular timeserts and then drill, tap, insert the 14 big-serts.

I don't know why or what your torque test is. I thought that was supposed to determine which of the remaining time-serts can handle the torque..If you are replacing all 14, who cares?

I don't like using the time-sert or big-sert drill to remove old time-serts. That is a special tapered, notched drill bit - more than $125 if you want to replace it, So I would save it for drilling the aluminum block for the big-serts. Do not use it to drill out steel inserts.

This is what I would do to remove the time-serts

1. screw extractor
2. reverse threaded drill bil
3. regular drill bit* - but not the big-sert drill bit

* The major diameter of a regular M10 x 1.5 timesert is 0.474. So, I suggest you get a 15/32 drill bit (0.469), and then finish the hole with the Big-sert drill bit which is 31/64 or = 4.84
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