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Originally Posted by kspark View Post
Appreciate all the effort putting the examples together here.
Thanks. I put all of that info together and then realized that I probably wasn't the only person who might find it useful. Plus I'm new here and its always good to contribute to the collective knowledge of the group when you can.

Originally Posted by kspark View Post
I just picked up a set of 18" style 69's that I plan to put all-terrains on. Considering adding FMU's lift kit, but first I'll wait to see how the TEMA kit works for you. Any reason you chose that over the J level?
I chose TEMA over J Level for two reasons:

(1) I was actually looking for an 1" lift. I think that is all that I need to eliminate the tire rub on the top of the tire and the fender. TEMA offered a 30mm/1.2" kit while the J-Level kit was 52mm/2", so the TEMA 30mm was closer to the 1" that I was looking for.

(2) The second reason was price. The TEMA kit was $147 while the 2" J-Level was ~$600. As discussed above, there are differences in the kits that justify the difference in price but the goal of this build is to create a list of affordable components to create a basic X5 Overland and a $600 lift didn't seem compatible with that concept.

Originally Posted by kspark View Post
What's the consensus for biggest tire diameter without a lift? So far it looks like 265/60/18 is a safe bet.
The 265/60/18 should fit fine and you shouldn't need any lift.

With an OEM wheel, the tire will fit inside the fender so you shouldn't have to worry about fender rub at the top of the tire over large bumps like I experience (because my tire sticks out of the fender due to the 0mm offset wheel).

I purposefully wanted the tire to stick out for that aggressive off road look and that means that I need a small lift to make that work.

The X5 is on my 4-post lift and I'm ready to start the TEMA install. I should have time to complete it over the next 5 days (and maybe work on the flares) since I am on Day 9 of a 14-day Covid quarantine. I was exposed to someone who tested positive and have been in quarantine since I was notified. No symptoms but I had a Covid Test today to see where things stand. All of my Thanksgiving plans have been cancelled so I won't have much else to do but work on the X5 alone in my workshop!

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