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Originally Posted by Effduration View Post
Hi - my ABS module is with BBA Reman in Taunton, MA. I dropped it off 10 days ago, and they said 4-5 business days. they have rebuilt 4-5 ABS modules for me.

Since I live nearby, I dropped in today and noticed that they are closed and sign on the front says the property has been seized by the local Sheriff’s department- generally not a good sign..

does anybody know what’s going on with BBA Reman ?
Damn that can't be good. I used to always refer people to BBA Reman but they did not respond to any of my messages through eBay, so I had to go with another highly recommended company out of California called modulerepairpro and they did a great job! I would take a pic of the sign and call your local sheriff's department to see if you can at the very least recover your module.
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