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JIC. As you all know there are multiple vendors on Ebay offering module repair and I got my ABS module fixed a year ago at Auto & Truck Electronics LLC, on Ebay as AutoECU1. Physically in West Palm Beach, Fla but shipping there and back was not an issue. Roundtrip was 1 week IIRC. They also offer replacements for modules that cannot be repaired (@$425).

EDIT: My 3-yr warranty with the lot above turned out not to help. They fixed some stuff but could not bring it back to life. I asked for a discount on a refurbed unit which they declined. I had them send the unit back to me.

Next chapter, sent it to Ebay seller "modulerepair". Very responsive and knowledgeable. Look at my module and said CPU contained irreversible error codes. Shipped me a replacement for $225 which I coded to the car and all is well. (I documented elsewhere on XO that after writing the VIN to the ABS module with NCSE, I had to calibrate the steering angle sensor (in ISTA-D) to get it to work. W/o calibrating the SAS, the tri-fecta did not turn off. YMMV)
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Hmmmm, love those black headliners!

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Other hardware:
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