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An update.
I had to pause to take care of a home repair project before winter kicked in.
Of course now I get to do this in the cold.
The Bigserts drill will require a larger chuck than the regular Timesert. On the exhaust side rearmost two head bolts there is interference between the inner fender parts and a straight shot at the head bolt geometry. I am using the Bigsert kit with the plate since I plan on doing this project a couple times on M54 motors. I wouldn't suggest trying this without the plate. I currently have 8 of the 14 holes Bigserted. Three very good tools to make this fairly reasonable are included in the photos.
First, I made a steel insert bushing that fits inside the Bigsert alignment bushing with an 11mm ID to guide a carbide tipped drill bit to drill out the regular Timeserts. I am getting good alignment and it's doing a good job of drilling out the regular Timeserts.
Second, I made a chuck adapter to attach a 1/2" chuck to my 3/8" air ratchet to use as a 90 degree close quarters drill set up to drill the back two holes on the exhaust side. Used chuck, Home Depot bolt that got the head cut off that matched the threads on the chuck and a 3/8" drive socket of the same diameter as the threaded stud I made by cutting the head off welded into an assembly.
Third, a ratcheting tap handle from Harbor Freight. Indispensible.
I hope to get a couple more holes replaced this evening before we get a white Christmas.
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