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Originally Posted by o2bad455 View Post
Hmm... I hadn't thought of that! We bought an aluminum gear but haven't installed it yet. I was going to apply some synthetic grease just to be safe. Has anyone had any issues after using a metal gear? My assumption had been that the plastic wasn't quite up to the heat level and/or heat cycles, in which case the metal should be better. When the plastic gear fails, does it always revert to 2WD (as our '08 E83) or sometimes to AWD? If using a metal gear and something else jammed, would it do the same (2WD vs. AWD) or the opposite?

If the average plastic gear lasts 100k+ so I don't see any reason to use a metal gear.

I mean at that rate you've probably replaced your expansion tank 3 times

You can't really assume that it will fail one way or the other. I've had failures in two X3s and one was stuck in AWD making sharp turns and parking a real pain in the ass. The other one failed leaving me with 2wd but you lose your ABS and traction control and that is a nice thing to have in the winter.

I'll put it to you like this... the metal gear is offered by URO parts which aren't exactly known for their precision machining. The metal worm gear that interfaces with the OEM plastic is more expensive to replace than the plastic one so I don't really see it as an upgrade.
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