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Originally Posted by Happy View Post

The Vice President elect not only condoned these actions, but stated, “they should not let up!”

Do you really think that you need to repeat your claim regarding Kamala Harris in four (4) separate posts….?

FWIW, my interpretation of what Kamala Harris was saying in that interview with Stephen Colbert back on June 18, 2020, is that the peaceful protests around our country at that time, as well as in many foreign countries, were calling on our state and local governments to recognize that there is a double standard when it comes to racial justice, specifically on how L.E.O.’s deal with blacks versus whites, needs to be addressed. Based on this reality, the protesters were calling on local and state governments to effect a change in the way that police departments hire and train their officers to correct this injustice. While I support our law enforcement agencies and offices I agree with this position, understanding that there are a minority of officers who let their personal biases and racial prejudices interfere with doing their sworn duty to uphold and enforce the law.

I am afraid that systemic racism will continue in our country for quite some time and therefore, I agree with Kamala Harris that in all likelihood, that these types of protests will most likely continue in the months and years to come and in my mind will be justified.

Having said that, I separate out all peaceful protestors from those people who feel justified in perpetuating violent criminal behavior of desecrating or destroying public or private property, looting retail establishments, let alone any physical harm to other people, whether they are L.E.O.’s or the general public. Any person who commits a criminal act should be arrested, charged and let a court of law determine their guilt based on the evidence and then decide on an appropriate sentence.

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