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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
What is done needs to be immediately in effect.

There is not time for impeachment and conviction and then voting to remove him from office.

The 25th. amendment is not definitive so that would mean lots of debate to clarify if his actions violate the amendment. Not enough time.

Doing nothing is a high risk choice. There is no way to know what a cornered Malignant narcissist will do except it will be violent.

I don't think there is any other established avenues such as house arrest that could be applied. Would help if someone or some number of people formally clear everything he wants to do. Sounds like there is an informal group doing that now. Another option is do something that is not clearly illegal or if illegal that removes him from office and can't be sorted out until after he is no longer a threat.

I expect the only practical action will be to watch him as close as possible using an informal process. Currently congress couldn't make a straight line to the john so I don't think doing anything significant is remotely possible. If he has a platform to incite his followers it could make what's most likely going happen anyway worse but the terrorists are already out of the bottle. Nothing further is needed. It's not if but when.

I agree that we all are going to be holding our breath for the next ten days until Joe Biden is inaugurated as our next POTUS. Ideally, if Donald Trump had any integrity, he would resign. But, alas, we know that he does not and therefore will not.

I also agree, and have believed for the past 4-5 years that Donald Trump is unfit to hold the office of the POTUS and, after this past Wed., his words and actions pose a clear and present danger to the safety of the United States.

I do not fully know the process and procedures, let alone the realistic chances of removing Trump from office via either V.P. Pence and a majority of the Cabinet members invoking the 25th Amendment or Congress initiating another attempt at impeaching Trump. But the events of Jan. 6th require a firm and immediate response from our government to send the signal to the domestic terrorist rioters that there are severe legal penalties and consequences to their actions. At this point, those two approaches may not succeed in the remaining time that Trump is in office. Yet, one of the added very appealing benefits of a successful impeachment of Trump by the House of Representatives AND conviction by the Senate, is that it would prohibit Donald Trump from running for and holding any U.S. elected office in the future.

I do think that another option to sanction Trumpís conduct that is currently being discussed is for Congress to censure Trump in a public shaming. Essentially, it is a formal statement of condemnation, reprimand and disapproval of Trumpís actions to incite the mob at the rally to move on the U.S. Capitol. While it is mostly symbolic, it would send a strong, undeniable judgement of our elected representatives that Trumpís actions were a betrayal of his sworn duty and the rules of our Constitutional Republic. It would require the support of Congress and could conceivably be passed before Joe Bidenís inauguration on Jan. 20th. If Trump is censured, it could further reduce his chances of successfully running again for POTUS.

It will be a very interested next ten daysÖ..

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