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Hey - thanks for the compliments all - that was a ton of work (18hrs - all by hand) and my hands are sore. Laura, Michelle, - I really like the way your questions sound (sorry, just the way my mind works) - I'd really enjoy working on your X's with you if we ever had the opportunity - but I'll need at least a couple of weeks to put the recent trauma of "doing my own" behind me. I figure with 2 of us working on each vehicle together, we should be able to do the whole job in under 10 hours... Maybe a threesome doing each of ours would be even more fun (but somehow I get the feeling it'll take even longer)! Perhaps someday... - a few beers, a Zaino kit, some Wayne's towels, a couple of water fights, and some scraped knuckles - sounds like fun! Doc, Rangerfan - If you guys would like to join us while we're doing each of ours, you're more than welcome, but you guys will have to bring a ton of beer!

BTW - The engine bay is also done now - about another 3 hours. I'll see if I can post a couple more pics later today. I don't want to drive it now!
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