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Originally Posted by StephenVA View Post
I was sitting in traffic one day and tried to clean off the one and only bug splat, which as always is in my line of vision. Why is that a thing with suicidal bugs? 5 hits with the wiper/washer and the headlamps sprayed 1/2 gal of washer fluid all over the front of the car. 30 mins of washing got the crap off. Thought I cracked a coolant line or the Rad at first. I hosed down the cars on my left and right at the same time. LOTS of dirty looks.

Reminds me of the first time I noticed the cascade effect of washing my window on the freeway on a sunny day then noticing the car behind me needing to clean my spray off his window then the guy behind him. Etc. I've witnessed four cars. It's a little hard to tell more than that but it's funny
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