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Thank you for taking the time to partially explain your reasoning for not voting. I do find it bewildering that you take the time to so strongly complain about political issues and politicians, yet have decided to never actually participate in our country’s electoral process.

From your response it sounds like you are a devout fundamentalist evangelical Christian, which explains quite a bit about your beliefs and your attitude. As far as my being “ready to repent”, as you mean in the biblical sense, don’t hold your breath...

I think that religion is a very interesting and important topic to understand our society, culture and world today and will start a separate new thread on that topic, so this thread remains about President Joe Biden.

I do find it interesting that Biden is only the second U.S. president to be a Catholic. From what I have seen and read he attempts to follow the positive and uplifting moral and ethical aspects of Catholic doctrine. Joe Biden may very well be the most religiously observant commander-in-chief in the last 50 years. He regularly attends Mass and speaks of how his Catholic faith has grounded his life and his policies. Quite possibly, with President Biden, a different, more liberal Christianity may be ascendant. An interpretation that is less focused on sexual politics and more on helping those who are less fortunate, along with combating poverty, climate change and racial inequality. If that is the case, then I shall applaud....


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