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Originally Posted by Maruzo View Post
One national guard spokesperson mentioned that some congressional staffers made the request without informing their bosses.

Most likely a mistake by the people doing the coordination efforts. I doubt the congressional leaders played a part at all.

But an apology from the President shows his willingness to take responsibility even if it's not his doing.

Accountable for the action of the people under him.

Real leadership. Night and day difference compared to Trump.

Nice link on a website that seems dedicated to truth telling. Thanks BC, I'll keep an eye on this site.
Yes Maruzo, definitely night and day.

I am a bit bummed out about the pipeline. Considering I have a gas powered E53, and reside in the Houston area. (I could no longer stand living in California. Although born and raised, and resided for 37 years in San Francisco, and Los Angeles Areas. No Thanks.)

I am also perplexed by the order to allow, individuals that have XY chromosomes, to be allowed to compete against, individuals that have XX chromosomes.

Does this mean that, I can now be allowed to physically spar, in a sanctioned MMA event, an individual that has XX chromosomes? And if so, if I knock her ass out, itís ok? If I simply convey that I associate myself as transgender? This will now be acceptable?

Men and boys can now compete against, Women and girls? Did I misunderstand something?

Somebody please help me under stand.
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