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On Friday I got the email that they had received my module. "2-3 days for repair." I'll follow up when I get the module back and installed.

I just got another 7" of snowfall yesterday. I would really like to make use of ABS and DSC before winter is over. haha
I took a call from Yevgeniy "Gino" at repair module pro yesterday. He told me that my module had already been previously repaired. He did perform some standard preventative maintenance on it however he did not see any problems with the module. He saw my codes in the memory, cleared the memory, put the module on his test vehicle and the codes did not reappear. So he's shipping it back to me. He suggested that I chase wiring, look for a bad ground, or make an assumption that the steering angle sensor is bad even though I don't have an error code for the steering angle sensor. I felt like he genuinely wanted to help me sold my trifecta issue.

Very nice guy, I'd recommend his business to anyone else.
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