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Originally Posted by bagpype View Post
I am going into NCSEXPERT >DATEN>E53 and I am opening the E53ZST.000 file and I am erasing the line that reads
";0221 0000000400000000 LFEDER_2_ACHS //2-axle-LVL/CTL/SYS //2-Achs-Niveauregulierung"
I saved it as E53ZST.000
I went to NCSExpert loaded the vehicle, erased the last digit from GM, SA, and VN, checked the check box for Calculate Checksum then pressed "OK"

I went back and and wrote (scheiben) the ZCS to EWS and KMBI
I go back and try "code car" and I get a 'Nicht Antworten' (No Answer) error on the EHCII module. (Thank god I understand German). What am I doing wrong that the EHC module is still present?
You don't erase anything in NCS Daten folder!!!

After you read ZCS in vehicle you change it by subtracting 4 from 8th bit of SA. Remove the last check bits on GM, SA and VN. Check box so that NCS will calculate new check sums. Save (ZCS_SCHREIBEN) new ZCS in EWS and cluster. Then start the actual coding by coding all modules (CODE CAR) or coding every module individually (SG_CODIEREN).
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