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How "Black Bastard" got his name AKA the reason people hate BMWs

*** EDIT ***

I should have started off by saying this began months ago and I've only recently decided to share so the next few posts will be the condensed version of months of troubleshooting.

*** EDIT ***
I have been keeping a dark secret from the group and it's time to come clean

The reason I hid this from everyone was shame. Shame that for someone who should know a little bit about these cars and their requirements I did very little to prepare (protect) myself of what I could be getting myself into.

Shortly after I bought this thing I went back and forth with the keep it or dump it thoughts normally accompanying buying beat down German vehicles but after months of frustration and hoping a deer would jump in front of this thing I realized that if nothing else this will provide entertainment (although at my expense) for all of us BMW enthusiasts (read masochists).

From the word go my preparation and planning was dogshit so I apologize in advance for the upcoming incompleteness of some imagery and such.

Contrary to my usual protocol of hiding my shame, let the confessional begin!

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