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The seller was a professional looking guy in his mid 40s which is always a good sign and had just upgraded to a newer X5. His father owned it before him and between the two of them they've had it over 10 years. Supposedly dealer maintained.

I looked it over briefly and didn't notice anything blatantly obvious. It started right up and idled fine and no check engine light. Sweet!

I went for a quick drive during which the seller encouraged me to put my foot into it "The engine is strong!" and all seemed well.

No smoke
no weird noises from the engine
no clunking going over bumps and a couple pot holes
A/C was blowing cold
so far seems pretty good...

I went back and parked it, checked underneath to see if any oil was leaking and all seemed as it should be.

The brakes were in pretty bad shape but that's one of the items I budget for. Tires were new which is a bonus.

The seller told me he had a guy come take a look at it the day before, they agreed on a price and the buyer went to the bank and never came back so he posted it again the day I saw it.

Good thing I happened to get right back into the for sale ads or I would have never seen this! Must be destiny no?

We agreed on $2300, he signed over the paperwork, I called a tow truck and a half hour later I'm on the way home with another E53

Yeah yeah the warm amber glow of the check engine light will guide me home.
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