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This is how many rags I found while exploring the interior. I take this as a good sign because anyone with this many rags in the car obviously cared about it at least a little.

Look what else I found in the back. Now I know where all those swirl marks came from

A little wear on the driver's door handle which is to be expected but those window switches need a cleaning ASAP!

Cracked door sill cover, minor but annoying. We'll have to visit the pic n pull yard for those bits.

The rest of the interior is pretty clean. Specially when you think days earlier I was looking at Swampy

Under the hood looked decent as well

The air cleaner housing isn't broken like on Swampy

The intake boot is in good shape

Looking a little closer at the cover panel I noticed something

That doesn't look right

We'll come back to this shortly
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