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A couple days go by and it's POURING rain. I'm talking about Florida type of rain where your wipers don't stand a chance.

The Mrs. asks me to give her a lift to work so we jump into her "new" car.

As I start it up and popped it into reverse I could have sworn I saw smoke behind me but figured between the rain and fogged up windows I was seeing things.

I was a little heavy on the gas on the way to drop her off and didn't see anything coming from the back. Confirmed...must have been seeing things right?

So far I've literally spent maybe 5 minutes driving the thing so let's go give it a proper test drive shall we?

I drove fast, I drove slow. I parked and idled, braked, accelerated and all the good stuff in between. Nothing weird at all.

The next day I go register the car and get some license plates. Several hundred dollars later and we're road legal.

The next day I drove to pick up some take out food but this time I made sure to pay attention to the exhaust when I start it up. Sure enough I was greeted white a generous amount of smoke more than enough to take notice.

I was still trying to be optimistic so I hoped it would be condensation in the exhaust...which we all know it's not going to be.

On the way to get food I put my foot into it and no smoke came out any time I did so. Hmmm

While the car was parked I noticed the idle would go up and down slightly, that's also something new. You'd think it would have done this yesterday as I was lingering around town no? of course NOT. I just spent a bunch of money paying for taxes and a plate, NOW is when the fun begins.

I would like to remind everyone that when I went to look at the car I didn't see any check engine lights. You'd think at the time I was there I would have reached into my pocket for my handy dandy bluetooth ODB reader and did a quick scan??? Nooooo, Why bother "there's no lights on the dash" right?

When I got home I hooked it up to my INPA laptop and gave it a quick scan

32 Faults and no check engine light??!?!!? How is that possible?!?!?

Wait!? Could it be that the check engine light is broken????

Among the codes were Cylinder misfires, O2 sensors, Idle speed valve, everyone's favorite P0171 & P0174, P1092, P1093, P0300 and a few other good ones. I should have a complete list of all the codes but can't seem to locate it right now.

So much for buying a car that didn't have the check engine light on...well I guess technically it still isn't on, but now we all know better. FML

Unfortunately these codes can be caused by a variety of things so let's play a little game of guess what...What the hell is going on???

Let's get some opinions of what you all think would be the best approach to diagnose and resolve these issues and I'll share my results tomorrow.
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