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I should also mention that during my CCV refresh I cleaned out the MAF, throttle body and Idle Control Valve. I also checked the DISA flap and whatever vacuum hoses are around.


I figured I would go for more of a real world test and not just around the block a couple of times so a quick check of my wallet for my CAA card (AAA for our US friends) and I was off.

I'm not a big fan of "intermittent". Either it works or it doesn't, and if something is on it's way out I'd rather have it fail under controlled circumstances than leaving me stranded in the most inconvenient place possible as the case usually seems to be.

During the drive I definitely wasn't holding back with the skinny pedal and there was NO SMOKE coming out the back anymore. Drivability wise it didn't feel different than before but there was no smoke so I was feeling pretty confident the CCV was the issue...maybe...solid maybe

As I was doing about 70mph down a long stretch of country road I noticed movement in the cluster and caught the temp gauge spike ALL the way over to the red and then bounce back to the middle.

Earlier in the year I had my rad fan fail on the e83 while I was stuck in downtown traffic doing deliveries so I'm VERY familiar what it takes to nurse one of these things back home without melting the engine block. In my experience if you're moving 40-50kph and have the heat on full blast you'll be fine. Moving at speed on the highway even with the heat off there should be very little reason to overheat. I've done this twice in distances well over 200 km to get back home.

There was no build up of the temp gauge it just shot into the red and then settled back down in the middle...meh nothing to worry about, I'm not going to pull over until I get to my destination. For the remaining 20 min trip the gauge behaved.

I'm calling this first test drive a success. I was focused on the smoke and we ain't got none no mo so we celebrate with a picture.

While I was flexin my camera skillz I let the X sit there idling to see if the gauge would move again or if the engine block will start melting. Nothing happened.

Faulty sensor?
Air pocket?

I dunno, but what I DO know is that I'm totally going to ignore this for now and enjoy the lack of white smoke a little while longer. Join me in the smoke free glory
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