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Since I'm playing a few months worth of catch up with these posts I'll be missing some details here and there so my apologies if things get a little confusing.

I forgot to go back this

It seems at some point the rear nut holding the engine cover was either put on slightly cocked and got stuck and rusted in place, or it just got stuck by rust. Either way it wasn't coming off easily enough for someone and they decided to break the plastic and free the cover

It didn't take much to get an impact driver on there and zip it right off so whoever was in there before put more effort into breaking shit than dealing with the problem.

I cleaned the stud with a wire brush and replaced the nut.

I found some pictures I was looking for. Oddly enough someone put them in a folder labeled "black bastard". Nothing too exciting but here they are anyway.

This is the slightly longer oil return hose.

The clip I broke removing the old one

The dipstick tube wasn't gunked up at all

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