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I'm about an hour into the trip and everything is running smoothly but I'm getting tired. Still got over an hour to go

Since I've succesfully managed to get within CAA range I decide to pull through the drive through at the truck stop and grab myself a coffee.

I was idling for less than a minute before the rough idle came back. Clearly a reminder that I should have stuck to the original plan and just drove the rest of they way.

I got myself out of the way and shut the X down to let it rest for a minute. A couple minutes later I fire it back up and it's still running rough...the hell with it I'm going.

Getting up to speed was a little sketchy because I didn't want to floor it under these conditions but once I got cruising it was tolerable. At least for me, not sure how the X feels about this.

I drank a large coffee, it's 40 min later and we're pulling over at the next rest stop for obvious reasons. Car is still running like crap so what do I have to lose.

I park, run inside for however long a large coffee lasts and I'm back in the car.

This time when I fire up the engine it's running smooth Whatever we're going with it, let's roll!

Another 40 min later and I'm about 15 km from the house. As I'm driving through one of the small towns I notice there's a RIDE patrol up ahead (that's what they call the impaired driving checkpoints the cops setup around here).

The cops flag me down and motion for me to stop, which I do.

I roll my window down and I'm getting the usual how are you have you been drinking tonight routine when I feel the car start running rough again

Son of a bitch! You hear that??

cop looks at me a little confused

I start bitching about ...well you just read through it so we won't go over it again and a moment later he's waving me through and I successfully make it home.

After all this bullshit I'll say this much....Still no white smoke

Who's ready to call the CCV system fixed? Let me see a show of hands
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