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So where is the smoke coming from you ask? Excellent question!

Well it seems like it's coming from the middle of the top of the engine. Which makes no sense to me.

I wasn't able to snap a shot of the smoke I saw while I was operating the "Bastard Bong" but it was coming out of the middle towards the back.

I couldn't see smoke coming directly from any source but it was there. Just sort of lingering around the intake runners maybe escaping from the back of the engine and wafting up?

Using one of those little mirrors I tried to get a peek back there at the vacuum lines and those caps. I figured since I gave it the ol' reach around maybe something wasn't sitting properly. Nope, no smoke coming from back there either.

So I'm staring at the engine thinking to myself if it's not coming from the back or any of the hoses where else could it be? It's gotta be a gasket right? That or the intake is cracked

I'm still wondering how CYL 2 and 6 are being singled out. Ruling out everything else except the injector being replaced...well there's a gasket between the intake manifold and engine block right? So I'm thinking if that gasket was compromised it could possibly affect the individual cylinders right?

I did some quick googling and didn't come across many posts with people experiencing a similar issue but I still feel like this could very much be the culprit.

While we're at it what else is a gasket that hasn't been replaced...throttle body housing...even though I don't think that would contribute to specific cylinder misfires, we'll just go ahead and get us a new one.

I felt confident enough in my theory that before long a new intake manifold gaskets and throttle body gasket were on the way!
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