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With fresh intake manifold gaskets and a throttle body gasket in hand I've been waiting for weather that didn't involve snow or temperatures below zero and today was the day.

Replacing the throttle body gasket was simple

While I was taking stuff apart I noticed that a hose from the CCV already had signs of mayo in it so I wanted to clean as much of it out but I didn't want to remove any parts of it for fear of breaking something.

Yes I know it's a terrible picture

I figure if I take the hose off from the bottom of the turbine to the dipstick return and disconnect the hose coming from the valve cover that feeds into the top of the turbine I should be able to free up whatever started to build up blowing some air through it.

I was right...Too right!

There was ALL KINDS OF crap that was coming out of there and this was less than 1000km after it was refreshed. I wasn't expecting to have that much build up so quickly but once I was in there I had to finish the job.

The next couple hours I spent blowing crap out of the CCV. The technique I settled on was spraying brake cleaner though the hose, wait........and then blow air through there expelling the crap from the bottom of the turbine.

Unfortunately my air compressor tank is tiny and puts out the CFM equivalent to a butterfly sneezing so this took a while waiting on the thing to refill.

Once I was satisfied with the lack of gravy coming out of the bottom it was on to the intake manifold gasket.
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