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As I was loosening the intake manifold it felt like one of the bolts was not as tight as the rest I had undone. I don't know if this was in my head or not and I'm not saying it was loose...but just not as tight

Fun fact: The potentially loose bolt was in the general area where I saw the smoke...hmmm

I did the bare minimum to get the intake manifold undone which meant limited space towards the back because I left the fuel line connected but definitely enough to get the gasket replaced, just not great for visuals.

As I was lifting off the manifold I was "hoping" to see some obvious signs of failure from the gasket but not so much.

Maybe some evidence on the engine side?

Nope! Nothing I can see

One of those intakes in the picture is my friend CYL 2, the guy who's name always comes up on the naughty list. Nothing unusual there

If anything there's some more dirt built up around CYL 2 but nothing that I would look at and think gasket failure but what do I know

Well, what I do know is that everything is getting a cleaning so I'll plug the holes and grab some brake cleaner.

I figured if I just sprayed brake cleaner everywhere it would soak the paper towel plugs and probably flood the intake with crap and I wouldn't be able to get in the back anyway.

The small areas I sprayed didn't just magically rinse clean so some agitation was in order. I used a rag for whatever I could reach but then things got a little narrow for me so I used the BMW specific tool for the rest of the cylinders.

Don't worry the paper towel plugs were removed after I had brushed off all the loose stuff off and it had saturated into the paper. Once I was sure there was no loose dirt I sprayed the paint sponge thing with brake cleaner and rubbed off the rest of the build up.

The old intake gasket wasn't very brittle and didn't fall apart on me when I was removing it and upon inspection MIGHT have been a little beat up...but that MIGHT have had something to do with the guy tugging at it to get it off and coming in contact with the threads of a stud. We'll never know for sure.

Got the new intake manifold gasket installed

and then it was time to put everything back together.

All in all I was a little disappointed that I didn't find anything I could point to and say AHA!! But we'll see what happens.
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